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View Diary: Death of the American Dream is marked by the weakest social safety net & largest prison population (176 comments)

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  •  Where did you get this maxim? (0+ / 0-)
    Because Americans deserve a European social safety net. They are already paying for it, they're just not getting it. Isn't it time that changes?

    It's perfect. It works
    This take: is not employers who pay wages, but rather it is sold manufactured products or sold services that pay everyone's wages to include the owners. By that measure most American workers are being legally robbed by their own employers who will not allow them to participate in receiving their fair share of the wealth that they themselves have created through their own hard work...

    I'd never thought of this last paragraphs particular angle on wage levels.
    Many might defend the employers position by bringing up risk as being held only by the employer.
     I would say that is absolute BS. How many hours and days and years of a persons life does a worker add to the bargain.
    Ones life is worth infinitely more than any balance sheet/financial concern imo.

    Thx Democrats Ramshield especially for the exposure of the dangerous increase in PIC bite out of our public monies. The true welfare queens: Republicans

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