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View Diary: Posters at the Fox Nation hate site say: Let the poor eat cake (94 comments)

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    TeaPartyPatriot4ever says

    "When I was growing up, we needed food stamps every once and a while, but we never
    wanted it, nor liked it, nor were proud of it.."
    Gee, um, Patriot, it seems like you were a worthless bum and your parents were worthless slobs who expected everyone else to hand over their hard earned tax money to pay for FOOD for freeloaders like yourself and your family just because you were "hungry" correct??

    See how stupid you people sound?  The PURPOSE of the program is to HELP so that you WON'T be hungry but now that you "got yours", screw everyone else, right??

    Morons, all, at Fox Nation.  Don't forget that these are the "Christians", afte all.

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