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  •  The rebels could not have advanced to Tripoli (7+ / 0-)

    let alone take it without NATO paving the way with it's bombs and rickets.

    Airstrikes More Difficult as War Moves to Tripoli

    The NATO air campaign that was instrumental in helping the rebels advance into Tripoli is hamstrung in many ways now that the fighting has turned into complex house-to-house urban warfare, American military and allied officials said Tuesday.
    the allies have passed on these lessons to the rebel fighters. Applying them, they think, will allow rebels who had been dependent on strong NATO air support for many of their past gains to drive Qaddafi loyalists out of Tripoli completely.

    A NATO military official said Tuesday, for instance, that British and French commandos were on the ground with the rebels in Tripoli offering “fairly extensive” help. “They’re doing a lot of coordination with some of the air assets that we have to bring specific targeting on the remnants of the pro-Qaddafi regime,” the official said, describing a traditional role of commandos in calling in airstrikes on precise targets, or instructing the rebels on how to do it themselves.

    The military official said he did not know if Central Intelligence Agency operatives in Libya were also working with the rebels in Tripoli, but he said “they certainly should be.”

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