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    The fact remains that w/o NATO intervention, the rebels would have been destroyed. Every single advance they have made was presaged by NATO bombing. The NTC had very little control or even knowledge of the final push on Tripoli by the western rebels.

    NATO is playing it's own game in Libya leaving the NTC out of the loop. NATO intends to have complete control over events as they unfold in Libya.

    Libya's Long Endgame: Which Rebels Exactly Are Gaining on Gaddafi in Tripoli?

    But who exactly is winning the Libyan civil war? The battlefield success has been far from a smooth affair. Though there is a high level of coordination between generals in the rebel capital of Benghazi and units in the east, field commanders in the western part of the oil-rich nation, where Gaddafi still controls considerable territory, are largely acting on their own, without guidance from political leaders, in what is called Free Libya.

    The only effective fighters amongst the rebels have been the experienced Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

    Gaddaffi Releases Libyan Islamic Fighting Group From Prison After They Renounce Al-Qaeda

    These fighters will not be subservient to the NTC. They have now been supplied with a fantastic amount of armament looted from Gaddafi's arms depots across Libya laid bare and accessible by NATO's bombing.

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