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  •  I'm okay. (11+ / 0-)

    We've had 9 tornado warnings in 24 hours...that's a record for me. 5 was my old record, tied between the June 4 2008 derecho and when the remnants of Hurricane Ivan (2004) swung through the DC area.

    Still a little creeped out that I heard a whooshing and felt my ears pop last night when the last really strong rotating storm went over. Don't see any damage outside, so it may have just been a funnel cloud. Even though...yeesh.

    I've been ranting on my school newspaper's Facebook page, and I keep riling people up over the fact that our university did squat to warn its 3100 residents of the 9 tornado warnings, so they encouraged me to write a LTE. I wrote it at 2AM, they got it just it time for publishing. Whew. :D

    Thanks for the concern. :) (((belinda)))

    Follow me on Facebook for up-to-date weather news 'n' junk.

    by weatherdude on Sun Sep 04, 2011 at 12:28:18 PM PDT

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    •  one of those (8+ / 0-)

      nights when you find a storm cellar to sleep in, and turn the alarm off so you can sleep.

      (Is it time for the pitchforks and torches yet?)

      by PJEvans on Sun Sep 04, 2011 at 02:47:27 PM PDT

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    •  I really don't believe (7+ / 0-)

      I could live in an area with that kind of exposure to tornadoes. I know, before you all tell me, that anyplace can have them, plus there's this whole global climate change unsettling all our assumptions. But so far, they're rare in NJ.

      I was crazed enough during the hurricane, worrying that one of the many trees that I at other times like so much was going to fall on the house. I would certainly have to move to a waterproof underground bunker if I had any expectation of a night like you spent last night. I don't blame you a bit for being upset. The only way someone would not be worried under those conditions is if they were kept in ignorance of the danger (not to spin any conspiracy theories about your college, because that is not allowed here!)

      Don't tell me what you believe. Tell me what you do and I'll tell you what you believe. - MB

      by belinda ridgewood on Sun Sep 04, 2011 at 04:42:43 PM PDT

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