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  •  PPP is wrong about enthusiasm. (3+ / 0-)
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    There is no enthusiasm gap here.  Obama voters are showing up in the same numbers they did in 2008.  But only 65% of them are voting Democratic.  That's a really big cause for concern.

    That statement is just straight up false.  From the AP Weprin got 29,688 votes and Turner got 33,816 votes.  That's a total of 63,504 voters.  In 2010 Weiner got 67,879 to Turner's 43,129 for a total of 111,008 votes.  In 2008, the presidential election, Weiner got 112,205 to Donohue's 8,378 for a total of 120,583 votes.

    In an off year election, Weiner got more votes than the total that voted in the special election, and Turner won with fewer votes than he got in that same election.  To say there is no enthusiasm gap is to completely ignore the actual number of people voting or better yet, the number of people NOT voting.

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