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View Diary: How do I say this without seeming anti-Semitic? (267 comments)

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  •  Phew...Made it through the entire Inception-like (5+ / 0-)

    diary :)

    I am pretty much on the outside looking in on I/P issues but for what it's worth, I didn't see antisemitism especially since you went to great trouble to explain the purpose of writing the diary.

    Some things kinda surprised me that they would be seen as antisemitic such as the media flaying him alive if he did not veto the bid for statehood. It seems some view that as a subtle (or not so subtle) jab at supposed Jewish media ownership while I saw it as the regular media frothing over anything controversial. I can hear them now:

    Is this a bid for Muslim votes? Is Obama breaking from long standing US support for Israel? Is this a slap in the face to Netanyahu? Will Democratic Jews desert Obama? Is he really a secret Muslim after all?
    Just recall the flag pin frenzy.

    In terms of NY-09, I'll defer to the locals on the ground as to why the Democrat lost. Polls are tricky things. Saying that the loss of Jewish votes cost the Democratic candidate the election reminds me of the aftermath to Prop 8 here in CA where teh Blacks were blamed for its passage based on some poll being waved around.

    I'm very uncomfortable with Rabbis telling their followers not to vote for someone just as I am with Catholic Bishops denying communion to pro-choice politicians or a fatwa delivered by a Muslim cleric. Religion and politics don't mix well.

    Even though I have opinions, questions, etc. on various I/P issues that arise from time to time, I generally shy away from commenting because I am not knowledgeable about the subject and worry about giving offense to either side.

    "Someone just turned the lights on in the bar and the sexiest state doesn't look so pretty anymore" CA Treasurer Bill Lockyer on Texas budget mess

    by CaliSista on Tue Sep 20, 2011 at 11:59:40 PM PDT

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