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    To bury our heads in the sand and somehow pretend that ethnic group bloc voting never has any relationship to foreign policy is silly. I think a good analogy would be the Cuban-American community and our policy towards Cuba. Is it "anti-Cuban" to say that we would not have the same policy towards Cuba if the Cuban-American political establishment wasn't continually demanding a "tough on Castro" policy?

    That's a feature not a bug of the American political system. Groups can organize around a given issue, and as long as they convince the majority that their interests align with the national interest, then they can prevail in the policy realm.

    Jews as a group certainly don't "control" American policy towards Israel, but certainly organized groups representing Jewish-American voters have an influence over that policy, and actively seek to persuade others that their interests "align" with the nation's interests.

    I'm not sure how much "bleed" there will be between the Orthodox Jews who broke from the Democratic Party in NY-9, and the rest of the Jewish community. They are fairly separate entities, as far as I know.

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