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  •  It's the Old Correlation-Causation Thing (1+ / 0-)
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    Seneca Doane

    I see an uncanny correspondence between the policies that AIPAC promotes and the policies of successive administrations of both parties.  Now you can look at this correspondence as a natural consequence of allied interests converging in policy agreement and I'm sure this is usually the case, but sometimes from a Lefty perspective it appears that the interests of Israel- and this is generally shorthand for the interests of the Israeli political Right, the actual interests of Israel often may not align- will be favored over those of the US when and where those interests diverge.  

    I see the prospect of a veto of state recognition of Palestine in the UN as one of those instances where those putative interests clearly diverge.  A lone US veto will clearly not be in the US national interest yet I fully expect that to happen.  One can't help but wonder why our own national interests are sometimes subordinated to perceived Israeli ones.  I say perceived because I see UN recognition of a Palestinian state as a likely if not necessary prerequisite to a comprehensive peace settlement that will unambiguously in both Israel's and the US' long-term best interest.

    The US should be aligning policy with Israel, but not necessarily with its frequently extreme Right wing governments but rather with those in Israel who are serious about advancing the cause of a just and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East. The Israeli Right is every bit as intractable and irrational as the American Right, we as Democrats should avoid advancing either's interests where those interests diverge from our own. Even if looks like the politically expedient thing to do in the short term.    

    Advisors for President-Elect Barack Obama feared the new administration would face a coup if it prosecuted Bush-era war crimes, according to a new report out this morning.

    by Kurt Sperry on Wed Sep 21, 2011 at 12:18:36 PM PDT

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