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View Diary: Why is Chris Hedges calling for "boots on the ground" in Libya? (72 comments)

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  •  NATO instrumental in taking Tripoli (0+ / 0-)

    The rebels could not have succeeded on their own.

    Libya’s rebels and their western backers spent months plotting the attack on Tripoli. Here’s the inside story.
    In all, estimated Denece, some 100-200 foreign operatives were sent to Libya, where they focused on training and military coordination. Mlegta confirms that number.
    A French official said between 30 and 40
    “military advisers” helped organise the rebels and trained them on basic weapons and more high-tech hardware. In May, the French began smuggling weapons into western Libya. French military spokesmen later confirmed these arms drops, saying they were justified as “humanitarian support”, but also briefing that the aim was to prepare for an advance on Tripoli. British undercover personnel carried out some of the most important on-the-ground missions by allied forces before the fall of Tripoli, U.S. and allied officials told Reuters.
    The Europeans were also burning through costly munitions and Washington was concerned about wear and tear on NATO allies’ aircraft. “Some of the countries... basically every deployable F-16 they had in the inventory was deployed,” a senior U.S. defence official told Reuters.
    “The game-changer has been the attack helicopters which have given the NTC more protection from Gaddafi’s heavy weapons,” a French Defence Ministry official said.

    •  French intrumental in freeing 13 colonies (0+ / 0-)

      Rebels couldn't have done it on their own...

      Remember history, Clay Claiborne, Director Vietnam: American Holocaust - narrated by Martin Sheen

      by Clay Claiborne on Tue Sep 20, 2011 at 03:40:49 PM PDT

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      •  The American revolutionaries did a lot more (0+ / 0-)

        to gain their freedom from Britain than the rebels in Libya have done to gain their freedom from Gaddafi.

        The French were not preparing the ground for the step by step advance of the American revolutionaries.

        There is absolutely no comparison to the aid France gave in the American Revolution compared to that of NATO in Libya.

        Here's a history lesson for you:
        France in the American Revolutionary War
        North American operations

        •  It is not a close comparison for several reasons (0+ / 0-)

          1)  More than half of the colonists supported Britain and the king. Although that changed after the Independence was achieved many loyalists were active and opposed Washington and other revolutionaries. Some fled to Canada and some continued to oppose the effort all during the war.

           2) The presence of a number of genuine freedom fighters, like Polish army officers escaped from a failed independence effort in Europe and others who were commercial and political rivals of the British were a huge help to the young revolution.

           3)The combination of former British officers, foreign officers with experience and indigenous Americans experienced in the French and English wars made a difference to the leadership of the American effort.  The situation was a war between rebels and a remote dictatorship being truncated to where its supplies and efforts (sourced from overseas )were difficult to sustain.

          Quaddafi even now is still as far as is known on the ground somewhere in Libya being a die hard holding his narrowing base of tribal support.  Much different than the British combination of mercenary and unwilling troops.

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