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View Diary: At least make it easy for hardworking Americans to create FOOD (105 comments)

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  •  Check out this kid's free-range chicken operation (7+ / 0-)

    Linky to great story about high school senior's egg business. He's even going to teach a how-to class.

    "For me it was chickens. I decided to create a business plan and see where it took me. My plan was to produce fresh, free-range eggs for local consumers. I looked for opportunities to sell eggs and found a lot of niches," Davis said.

    His plan succeeded. He started with 30 hens in a small storage shed and expanded to 350 free-range hens that produce 280 eggs a day. Davis supplies all nine Mason County schools with eggs and delivers eggs by the dozens to nearby homes twice a week. The eggs cost $2 a dozen and produce a profit of $1.25 to $1.35 per dozen and are regulated by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. After he subtracts the cost of feed, Davis makes about $150 a week from his self-sustaining business.

    His father is an industrial maintenance specialist and his mother a secretary. They don't farm. Their son's interest in chickens and hens baffled them, but they supported his efforts and let him build a neat, efficient coop and compost facility on a corner of the two acres surrounding their home.

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