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View Diary: Michigan country club cancels speaker due to his belief in God (242 comments)

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  •  A couple of years ago (2+ / 0-)
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    Matt Z, Nowhere Man

    we went to a Center of Inquiry meeting in Buffalo (headquarters of CFI) where Dawkins and others were speaking.  Thoroughly enjoyed most of it.  

    There were very few women present.  At a social time, another woman came up to me, and was wondering why.
    I said I didn't know, but her question gave me something to think about.

    I was unaware of this work by Dawkins.  However, my answer to myself, was that so many times atheists argue round and round in impossible picky circles.  And most of them are older men.  I think many women find such subverted warfare and one up-manship a total waste of time and pointless.

    I try to be open to new ideas, but I do not need to spend time arguing against those who seem to constantly need to keep proving themselves.  There was an air of male arrogance present.  But, as a Humanist with Unitarian upbringing, I don't let it bother me.  
    As to this CC in Michigan, the brew-ha ha  probably gave some extra publicity to the dinner.  I doubt it stopped anyone from attending in the new location.  But it shouldn't have happened.  

    They may end up like the swimming pool club in Philly - one 'powerful' member objects, but then upon reflection, others in the club may also quit.    Today many CC are in dire straits, as membership is the first thing to go when the stock market tanks and businesses lay off entertaining and paying for memberships.

    •  This is putting the onus back on the victim (0+ / 0-)
      I think many women find such subverted warfare and one up-manship a total waste of time and pointless.
      Why should "subverted warfare and one up-manship" be the prevailing tone at atheist and skeptic meetings? Why are stereotypical and socially sanctioned male ways of doing things always the standard?

      Women compose 51% of the population. They still do most of the childraising. If the atheist and skeptic movement wishes to remain vital, it will reach out to them, as well as to people of color, by checking its privilege.

      •  Couldn't agree with U more! (1+ / 0-)
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        i like bbq

        BTW - Such pointless arguing is not confined to CFI meetings  - it's been known to happen here   :-p

        I just came to the conclusion (for myself as I said) that such splitting of hairs was often a total waste of time.  I'm sure some of these intellectual giants consider me 'simple' and not worth their time.    

        Interestingly Carl Sagan's widow was there too.  She was put on a pedestal, so to speak, like a very pretty, untouchable China Doll.  She did not circulate into the masses, but was reserved for a head table and those who paid mega bucks to be in her presence.  

        There were women speakers too, but I found them to be much more down to earth.  

        Interesting experience.

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