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View Diary: Michigan country club cancels speaker due to his belief in God (242 comments)

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    There's no doubt that the jealousy and vengeance are human characteristics among our many, many faults.  But these characteristics are also god's characteristics according the bible (and most other "good" books.)  God is jealous, vengeful, angry, wrathful.  So how can we blame humans for emulating their god?  That's why Rick Perry and NAR can get up there and be proud of executing people.  It's why religion can be used so effectively from the beginning of it's history to convince people to go to war for and violate the very tenets of its teachings in the name of those teachings.  I've never actually thought this before, but basically, why are people being held to a standard that "god" himself does not have to live up to.  

    To be clear, I'm not dismissing the messages of love, compassion, charity, and hope that are found in most of these books.  They are the only valuable messages found in these books.  I just cannot subscribe to a system that uses love as a cover for it's own violence and hate.

    The point of my comment was that I sympathize with your description of Dawson's "personal vendetta" against religion, especially because his methods are non-violent. I don't actually want to do anything to anyone's religion.  I do want all the people who follow these religions to leave everyone else who does not follow their particular beliefs alone and stop asking them to join in the horrors they create.

    Do you know what it means to be considered "godless"?  Have you ever have someone attack you with the righteous scorn and bile reserved only for atheists?  I have never seen love in the eyes of those who do and do it in their god's name.

    Would we be so happy to have a military that dwarfs all others combined if it was a line item deduction on our paychecks next to FICA."

    by Back In Blue on Fri Oct 14, 2011 at 06:53:05 AM PDT

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