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View Diary: Michigan country club cancels speaker due to his belief in God (242 comments)

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  •  The last time I tried to post a link... (0+ / 0-)

    it vanished.  But I found the stats at, which reports that 53 percent of Americans would not vote for an atheist--which is, of course, an unacceptably high percentage.  Nevertheless, it does mean that 47 percent would, and I tend to believe that people vote more liberally than they answer poll questions.  (Of course, I could be wrong, and maybe it's the reverse!)  But people do seem to err on the side of tolerance--witness our first black president, which I thought I wouldn't live to see.  (A black male, granted....)

    One of my issues with opinion polls is that their questions are leading, by definition (especially when they're posed as an either/or).  People are put on the spot to weigh in on issues that they may not, in actual practice, care that much about.

    Karl Rove, after all, is a nonbeliever.  No one elected him, true, but he continues to manipulate the most gullible believers, when he isn't one himself.  And no one on the right seems to care much when someone like Reagan claims to be devout yet gives no evidence of being so.  So there's the question of just how much the religious right really cares about these things vs. how they prefer to pose in that regard.

    Disclosure: I'm a liberal Christian who believes in electing the best qualified Democrats for office.  An atheist who supports single-payer health care, who's willing to get our troops the hell out of the Middle East, who's willing to stand up for Roe vs. Wade, and isn't in the pocket of Wall St., has my vote and my blessing.

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