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View Diary: Low-wage contract workers in Michigan veterans home come with hidden costs (31 comments)

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  •  My daughter works in a care facility for $10/hr (1+ / 0-)
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    After 1.5 years, she's one of the senior employees.  It's hard, exhausting work, so everybody on staff is looking for a better job.  She'd be gone if the economy wasn't so crappy.  I sure as hell don't want my care to be in the hands of someone who's still learning the job (which is about 50% of the staff due to the high turnover), and who isn't too concerned about keeping it because it barely covers the bills.

    Best part:  If someone calls in sick, instead of bringing in a replacement they just have the rest of the staff pick up the slack.  In a care facility.  Viva la free market!!

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