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View Diary: The Number of Medically Uninsured in our Country Equals the Population of 25 States (4 comments)

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    I was told this was going to be taken care of when the reform act is implemented and all of us uninsured are forced to buy insurance, thus establishing a right to health care. [/snark]

    I know it wasn't a consideration that most of these people are uninsured because they can't afford either insurance or medical care, the assumption being that the overwhelming majority were comfortably middle class but chose to get full-service health care free at the taxpayer's expense in the ER. But with steep cuts (rather than massive increases) to Medicaid, rolls will drop rather than open to accept more of the working poor. I hate to think what will happen to subsidies.

    Or maybe the majority of these people will end up in the "exempt" category, too expensive to bother saving because premiums will be more than their gross incomes.

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