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  •  The jails all over the country are filled (25+ / 0-)

    with people who cannot look after themselves.  Even in Florida they get themselves picked up.  People living in hovels without heat, have learned to declare themselves sick and head for the nearest hospital's emergency room for a couple of days of good food in a warm bed.

    The notion that most people can look after themselves and/or be taught the skills to do so is a grand illusion, perpetrated for the most part by people who actually are well cared for, but don't want to admit it. Think Newt Gingrich and Willard Romney and Michele Bachmann.  The latter took in 23 teenage girls to help her look after her children. Sarah Palin relies on her children to do for her.
    But, not admitting their dependence is not, I'm beginning to suspect, evidence of hypocrisy.  No, on some level there's a sense that it would be ideal, if they were more competent themselves and virtually no awareness of how practically incompetent they are.
    Just ask yourself who sees to Romney's head of hair?  Who applies Michele's make-up? Like actors in the movies or the theater, they do nothing for themselves. The only thing they're good at is talking and talking generous and compliant helpers into doing for them, even as they pretend to themselves that they're in charge and nothing would get done, if they weren't directing.

    People who end up in the gutter are likely verbally deficient. Indeed, most of the young people ending up in prison are "unable to talk themselves out of trouble." Lots of people are incompetent.  If they are born into an affluent family, they get cared for.  If they're not, they have to talk themselves out of the depths, or not.

    People to Wall Street: "LET OUR MONEY GO"

    by hannah on Sun Nov 27, 2011 at 04:52:18 AM PST

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