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  •  samanthab, I in no way meant to offend. (9+ / 0-)

    I did not mean the comment as a shot at churches.  I know many people who volunteer through their church group and do the same thing I did last night but on a weekly basis.  Just because they are serving in a food line or washing bedding doesn't remove the immediacy of the help they give to this same population.  
    samanthab also raises good points about the onerous restrictions placed on those attempting to feed and shelter the homeless population, not just in Alaska but nationally.  I remember reading about a Florida law earlier this year that required anyone feeding more than 25 people in city parks to apply for a permit, even though these parks had been used to feed the homeless for at least 5 years
    The comment was meant as a jab at the Ron Paul-crowd (which seems to be over-represented in Alaska when compared to the country as a whole).  I seem to remember a statement by Ron Paul in an earlier Republican debate that 'neighbors and churches would take care of the uninsured' and simply meant to point out that there are people right now who aren't being taken care of by their neighbors or churches, so it is up to us as a society to find a way to help people keep themselves from falling through societies' cracks, or to help them up once they have tripped.
    Also, samanthab, you seem to be quite knowledgeable about the subject, so what resources are available to  people who want to donate their time or supplies?

    Thanks for your point of view

    •  That move in FL was a political one, (1+ / 0-)
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      Oh Mary Oh

      purely designed to put a stop to homeless people getting fed in a very visible, fairly high usage park on a lake.  Getting a permit wasn't even about trying to get the city some money. Just an attempt to make the homeless less visible in a town always concerned with the appearance of safety and cleanliness and on and on, for tourist dollars.

      Initially, it was like a mini-OWS in the sense that the people feeding the hungry/poor/homeless were surprised and dismayed to learn that they could be told what to do and not to do in a public park. But the permit thing proved impractical for multiple reasons, and the thing went to court, and I swear that issue has been going on close to ten years now.

      The goal (from local gov't POV) is to move the feeding stations into less visible neighborhoods. Translate that as poorer, and much less safe areas. Neither the hungry nor those trying to get them a sandwich a day are excited about that idea.

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