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  •  well thanks for this , G2; didn't know about this (4+ / 0-)
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    G2geek, vigilant meerkat, Creosote, ozsea1

    at all.........  Makes a lot of sense; if I understand it, it would provide a small safety net to the local community when the larger economy is rocking and rolling?

    Hum?  Once I digest this, I will add it to my list....

    You know what?  I think I am going to diary all of this.  

    So folks, such as yourself, can contribute ideas that I don't know about and maybe we'll end up w/ a "Survival Handbook" of sorts.  

    The old "Ounce of Prevention being worth a Pound of Cure" thing.  Also, i think that working on being prepared in one's personal life helps one better tolerate the helplessness and frustration/rage at dealing with the macro insanity... So, there are ripple benefits.

    Tx, see you around the farm....

    I belong to the “US” of America, not the “ME,$,ME,$,ME,$,ME,$” of America!

    by SeaTurtle on Sun Nov 27, 2011 at 03:53:48 PM PST

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