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View Diary: Important Announcement Made Tonight on Walker Recall - IT'S OFFICIAL! OVER 300,000 SIGS IN 12 DAYS (240 comments)

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  •  Fantastic (13+ / 0-)

    I was getting tired of the daily drama of ripped up petitions, rocks through windows, fake websites, etc.

    On the ground progress!

    •  And is the time to GIVE!!!!! (31+ / 0-)

      This is a largely volunteer effort and God bless all those volunteers going out in the dark, and the rain and the cold and standing there to get people to sign petitions.

      God bless them for collecting over 100,000 signatures the first week and here is hoping they are well past 200,000 this week, but remember this:

      1- Time is a huge factor.  The volunteers have until January 17th to collect over 540,000 signatures...and they really need a LOT more than that to make sure they have 540,000 VALID signatures.  They raised 105,000 signatures the first week, but....

      2- That's the low-lying fruit...the people who can't WAIT to sign up...who are seeking out a petition form to sign.  Each week between now and January 17th, the task is going to get harder and harder.....holidays fit in there, weather gets nastier, and the numbers get harder to find.

      3- Nasty opposition....not all of this seems organized, but it is clear that Walker supporters are more than happy to support efforts to block the drive and often via shady and sometimes illegal means....

      Some have said they would go out and appear to collect signatures for a recall and then discard them.  

      A couple of folks have lost it and tried to tear up petition forms by grabbing them from volunteers (not a very smart move since doing so is against the law.)  

      There are reports of a fake website, claiming that the campaign has been successful so there is no need to keep soliciting.  

      Recall Walker yard signs have been ripped out and ripped up.  

      Finally, there have been veiled comments on Facebook and other locations by anonymous Walker supporters claiming that petition signers and gatherers will be followed and "outed" for their efforts, without specifically stating what that might involved.

      These are not people who play fair or nice.  That was pretty obvious right from the start.  They are trying to head off potential swing votes by arguing that the recall election will cost millions of dollars, despite the fact that the Walker administration has already given away millions to corporate interests even as it takes away the rights of workers and cuts funds for education and infrastructure.

      So. now is the time to give....and give generously.  The Kochs already have and will no doubt be contributing more...after all they already have billions.  But let's show help them spend LOTS of their own bucks in a losing cause.  And let's help all those Citizens United funds do likewise.

      Here's a link to Act Blue

      As I write this, over 30,000 people have contributed to this single location alone and the total is very close to $1 million.

       I'm part of that total already (my second donation) and if you haven't given, I hope you will do so right now.  It only takes a minute or so.  Think of it as a few cups of coffee at the local shop, a bagel, a movie ticket, and think how critical it is right now.

      You get solicitations all the time from the DNCC and the like asking for contributions to their fund, but if you are smart, you avoid that because too often those funds go to help incumbent Democrats so far right you might as well be sending your money to Karl Rove.

      This way you can target your dollars, just as you can for individual progressive candidates like Darcy Burner and Elizabeth Warren....folks who will fight for what we all believe in.  Fairness, economic parity and transparency and adherence to democracy.

      Walker is a tool.  He also is a symbol and he is bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers who are providing massive funding to cut the throat of progressive politics by gutting unions and with them their organizing and fund raising powers.

      The Walkers and Scotts and Boehners, andMcConnells and Cantors and Kochs need to be shown that democracy cannot be bought.  

      Thousands of us working together with small donations for a cause we strongly believe in, CAN defeat forces that truly want to reshape democracy primarily for the rich.

      GIVE is one of the most important things you can do this holiday season and this year.


      Free markets would be a great idea, if markets were actually free.

      by dweb8231 on Mon Nov 28, 2011 at 12:24:08 PM PST

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