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View Diary: Police Test Laser to Blind Protesters (180 comments)

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  •  Yeah but you push it far enough (5+ / 0-)

    And someone retaliates with domestic terror. You saw it at Sterling hall in Wisconsin in the 1960's, in OK City in the 90's.  If someone is desperate enough, feels powerless enough, and feels the need to strike back is more important that other people's safety, they'll go to bombing buildings.

    Terror is the weapon of the outmatched.

    We get what we want - or what we fail to refuse. - Muhammad Yunus

    by nightsweat on Sun Dec 11, 2011 at 04:56:21 PM PST

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    •  Good point. It's important to give protesters (0+ / 0-)

      a sense of security and control, because otherwise the most insecure may lash out violently and damage the credibility of an entire movement.

      A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it. --The First Law of Mentat

      by Troubadour on Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 10:43:19 AM PST

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