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  •  My partner and I have dealt with that (8+ / 0-)

    look of hateful ignorance simply for holding hands when we are out and about. Hetero couples don't have to think twice about where they are, but Gay couples need to be very aware. It's sad that there is a threat for verbal and/or physical mistreatment by those narrow minded fools who have had that hatred ingrained in their psyche. The thought of a Gay couple showing any miniscule affection drives the homophobic bigot crazy. That is their problem, and not ours, which is why we choose not to live in fear despite all of the bigots out there.

    All of these discriminatory actions against us including the staring, looks of anger, and sometimes even violence are attempts to break us. The anti-Gay individuals and organizations major goal is to hurt us as much as possible. What a pathetic existence to walk around with a focus on making other people feel less. On some level I feel sorry for these people who obviously were taught such ridiculous notions by those who surround them.

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