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    I'm red haired and freckly, and live in FL now, where many people are all kinds of fitful that Latinos/Latinas will soon become the majority of the population. I bet I have heard every criticism, every slur, every shitty comment one could make about those-people-taking-over. So it is the absolute malice, I hear it first, before I see it.  These people feel very comfortable saying these things because I look "like them." I simply respond that I do not agree, seeing as how I have two children who belong to that dreaded group, and that I don't think that way. [This is that fake Southern politeness that translates as : You're an asshole.] Sane bigots just scramble around for something to say, but others say nothing else at all--I just get the look. The disgust, the casual spit of chew, even the finger once.  And as Indie and other people commenting have said, it is that tingle you get, the one that lets you know about the violence barely hidden that sticks with you. But I'm still not about to shut up. Its kind of habit by now, having lived in the South for so long that between elections, 9/11, and of course good ol' gay bashing, you have a veritable feast of crap deserving of the response: I don't like that, and I don't think that way. You are always free to add that whole, "I wasn't raised that way," as further Southern nasty/nice charm, but people usually suspect I'm a Yankee anyway, doesn't really work for me in any event.

    Caveat: Of course I know that hatred exists in every part of the country. I do. I promise. I just came over from the other Scott's diary, and am particularly frazzled. Please forgive.

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