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View Diary: #Occupy Teach for America - Get a Job! (13 comments)

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  •  Hey yeah (2+ / 0-)
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    Gooserock, Orinoco

    Let's get all the people who didn't want to teach but couldn't get a  job in their chosen field and use them to teach poor kids and deny people with proper teaching credentials who had been dreaming of becoming teachers all their lives.

    "How quickly these kids have affected the public dialogue. So proud of them." Clarknt67

    by TexMex on Tue Jan 03, 2012 at 06:38:44 AM PST

    •  Diarist Agrees With You, She's Urging Real (2+ / 0-)
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      Orinoco, houyhnhnm

      teachers out of work to infiltrate the ranks.

      We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

      by Gooserock on Tue Jan 03, 2012 at 07:06:33 AM PST

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    •  You miss the point. Placing (2+ / 0-)
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      nextstep, JamieG from Md

      uncredentialed people classrooms is what TFA is known for.  Placing professionals, although not a perfect solution, is at least a step in the right direction. It's forcing TFA to consider placing real professionals in the classroom.  It flies in the face of their fundamental claim -- that professional teachers won't teach in schools where TFAers go. That's simply not true. This is one way to do it.

      Not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted. Albert Einstein

      by annie em on Tue Jan 03, 2012 at 07:35:29 AM PST

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    •  Yes, that TFA (2+ / 0-)
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      houyhnhnm, TexMex

      The "put in your time in a classroom and then become a clueless administrator" TFA. That TFA is hiring real teachers.

      I'm sure they will do what they can to screen them out, but if you sound like you want to be a leader of adults rather than a teacher of children, you can get through their interview and get a job teaching.

      Lot of recently out of work teachers here in LA. I'll spread the word.

      "The problems of incompetent, corrupt, corporatist government are incompetence, corruption and corporatism, not government." Jerome a Paris

      by Orinoco on Tue Jan 03, 2012 at 07:50:04 AM PST

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