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  •  Another inspiration for Adams was Wodehouse (5+ / 0-)

    P. G. Wodehouse was the greatest English humorist of the early 20th century.  His Jeeves and Wooster novels are the best-known, but his many other characters (e.g. Lord Emsworth and his prize-winning pig, The Empress of Blandings) are just as hilarious.  (Fry & Laurie and Peter O'Toole have brought these Wodehouse creations to life on the small screen.)

    One day, while re-reading H2G2, I realized that Adams and Wodehouse had the same gift for whimsy.  It was gratifying to learn later that Adams cited Wodehouse as an influence.

    Here's a Wodehouse excerpt that illustrates the silliness nicely:

    “I flung open the door. I got a momentary flash of about a hundred and fifteen cats of all sizes and colours scrapping in the middle of the room, and then they all shot past me with a rush and out of the front door; and all that was left of the mobscene was the head of a whacking big fish, lying on the carpet and staring up at me in a rather austere sort of way, as if it wanted a written explanation and apology.”

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