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View Diary: White Supremacist Pat Buchanan finally about to be canned by MSNBC with UPDATE! (144 comments)

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    this weekend by one of of his chosen proteges -  well...let's say, one of the new bright (ha!) shining (haha) stars of the MSNBC weekend lineup, Alex Witt!.  She is a mess and she is  as dumb as a rock.  Witt has a colored past with some issues related to borrowing money from a colleague and not paying her back.  The whole thing went to court, I think.  Witt insists on saying "this is Weekends with Alex Witt"  at least fifty times on each show.  The other major issue with her is that it is obvious she is not educated.  She is sometimes completely lost when historical context comes up on political issues.  

    Why does she have this show?  Griffin chose her.

    By the way, she used to fill in weekends on MSNBC and she would have two men with whom loved to discuss politics.  She called these men, both at least 55 yrs old, "my boys."  One she espcially liked was - yes, this is true, Pat Buchanan.  Buchanan is racist.  Always has been.  He is a pompous ass. I cannot stand watching/listening to him.

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