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  •  I'll readily acknowledge... (0+ / 0-)

    that some elements of the Bourgeoisie are more or less willing to pay back, to help mitigate the conditions that have made them so rich, and even to help, or not oppose, more viable democracy to emerge.

    However, they are the rare exceptions, it seems to me, while others tend to merely seek tax write-offs and self-agrandizement, while most couldn't give a flying fk, except in the negative, in terms of actually being hostile to the needs and desires of the general population.

    You mention Russia and Korea, as not doing so well, heh.

    I would just point out that for them, China, Viet Nam, Cuba, and others, being invaded, encircled, embargoed and cut off from trade, technology and credit, and constantly subjected not only to threats of military attack, but also covert invasion by agents provocateur bribing sedition and sabotage, propagandizing Faux "News" style misinformation, etc. etc., forcing them into a defensive martial law regime for their very survival, for 50 years...those are not exactly conditions conducive to optimal social, economic and political development, ya know?

    Of course the US likes point to the horrible conditions WE have imposed upon them, including even starvation, as "proof" that they are "failures"...and yet they have survived, built themselves up, and lifted themselves by their own bootstraps, yes, at great human cost, to become competitive world powers, which is pretty awesome, when you think about how hard the US has tried to destroy them, and failing that, to cripple them as much as possible.

    You mention benign neglect, as if it were somehow a lesser evil...but when a company goes into a defenseless third world country and loots it's national resources, in exchange for a few well-placed bribes to a few local warlords, because that's so much cheaper and more convenient than paying fair prices and taxes to a popular democratic government, to go toward roads, schools, hospitals, etc...that's not really so benign.  

    It's not like they are stupid.  They know what effect their "business" dealings are having on those countries. Indeed, they will either invade, or mount an astroturf local "revolution" to overthrow any popular democratic leader who refuses the bribes and insists on asserting national control of their resources, to provide services to their own citizens.

    When that results in protracted civil war, it's all the less benign, and all the more malignant, and it happens all too systematically, all throughout our history, right up to the present day.

    Nothing is absolute, everything is relative.

    I think we could conduct ourselves in a much more principled manner with much stricter regulation of corporations, both at home and abroad, to ensure they are working in the public interest, and are not working against the public interest, which should be subject to periodic review, potential revocation of their corporate charter, seizing of their assets, and prosecution for crimes against humanity.

    Democracy is the most fundamental revolutionary principle.

    by Radical def on Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 08:34:26 PM PST

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