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View Diary: Company wants to be able to fire people and prevent them from getting new jobs (151 comments)

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  •  Even Red State judges take a dim view of such (0+ / 0-)

    non-compete contracts, especially when they are overly restrictive. They've apparently been thrown out of several courts in Georgia, and the one I signed is so narrowly written that I'd have to move to a direct competitor across the street (there is no such beast, btw) for it to kick in.

    The most un-enforcable seem to be overly restrictive geographically or time wise. I've been told more than a year is considered unreasonable by most courts.

    In terms of violating it, all of them I've signed have no stated terms of recourse; iow, there is no statement of what I owe if I violate it. It being so open-ended, I can't see a judge even thinking about enforcing it.

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