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View Diary: Extremely sick Americans overwhelming federal high risk insurance pools (238 comments)

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  •  It's all about the math dividing the money... (5+ / 0-)

    I know this is not exciting at all and I don't like it either so I continue my education process as best I can for awareness as when you events as such happening and insurers still making big profits, something stinks..

    In California Blue Cross is having to review 2.6 million claims that were either denied or paid short..its the payment algoirthms..i.e. the math.

    Is the answer yet one more site to find health insurance one can afford..don't think so and out of respect I hate the name of this site "InsureMonkey" as what are we now, a bunch of monkets who need least pick a name with a little dignity..

    Overall sadly all of this comes down to computer formulas and business intelligence math that corporate USA uses to gain even more money.  

    As I call it, the Attack of Killer Algorithms and our new consumer protection chief better be aware of what happens on servers that run 24/7 and make life impacting decisions about all of us as this case of the high risk pools is an exact result of math for profit and middle class and low income America suffers at the hand of clever programmers on Wall Street that write the formulas...bottom line.

    Data mining "free taxpayer data" from the web should be licensed and taxed as even local state servers are slowing down to a crawl with the data mining bots for profit..this is how they do it sadly and I don't like it either, same mathematical processes shift consumers to the high risk areas to where again the help needed is falling short for the sake of corporate profits..created by the algorithms.  

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