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  •  Sounds like my chickens (1+ / 0-)
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    One day a boy squirrel  was chasing a girl squirrel up and down a tree. Just as the girl squirrel reached the ground and made a break for another tree, one of my hens got between them and gave the boy squirrel what for. Sqwak bok bok bok bok bok. The boy squirrel looked baffled. The girl squirrel was long gone and my hen was still telling off the boy until I caller her off.

    Some how I think they just know. Most of the time my chickens would ignore the squirrels unless they were calling predator warnings.

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      I've had dogs defend my girl goat (who thought she WAS a dog) from the rest of their neighborhood pack. To the point where she became 'one of the pack' to them when they'd go out into the cornfields every morning to hunt groundhogs. Rebecca just munched on corn, though...

      Had a big white rabbit named Alice, which my brother and hubby rescued on the road one night. Got away from somebody. Was box trained, or figured it out immediately. He and my cats would get into regular wrestle-fests, then groom each other. Had a cat whose best friend was a wild chipmunk. That chipmunk used to climb on the back door screen every morning when the kids left for school, I'd let him in. He and the cat would chase each other around and wrestle until afternoon, when the chipmunk climbed the inside of the screen door for me to let him out.

      Then there was the great horned owl my brother rescued from a guy who'd trapped it in a barn with a broken wing...

      Critters aren't exclusively like they're often described to be. How 'smart' that makes them (versus taking our orders as a sign of 'smarts') is debatable.

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