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View Diary: Romney tells U.S. he will want an "open relationship" (28 comments)

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  •  Mitt Romney's questionable patriotism (1+ / 0-)
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    Seneca Doane

    My hunch is that ultimately it will determined that Mitt Romney's Cayman investments were (barely) legal but a strong case has already been made by Huffpost blogger Bruce Judson that Romney tried to hide the facts because he knew his behavior would be seen as unpatriotic, reprehensible. Somehow he believed he could get away with it before being elected president:

    Secret Cayman Island Funds: Did Mitt Romney’s Candidacy Just Suffer a Mortal Blow?It is one thing to say I am a predatory–but honest–capitalist. And Romney’s year’s at Bain have sparked a healthy debate on the role of private equity firms in our nation’s economy.

    It is another for a Presidential candidate, who has been working for years for this moment, to show such obvious disdain for the American system of Justice, that he removes his assets from it.

    Moreover, there is the distinct feeling that the combination of Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns and the lack of disclosure of such accounts in his public filings (although within the law) indicate that Romney knows this is unpatriotic, reprehensible behavior and somehow believed he could be elected President without this coming to light.

    Good tests kill flawed theories; we remain alive to guess again. Karl Popper

    by hanswall on Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 11:43:19 AM PST

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