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  •  My dear worldlotus, you've written the most (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    MisterOpus1, worldlotus

    seemingly well informed,
    the longest)
    in this thread.

    You may not realize it,
    but the reason I write everything
    in free verse
    is to make it easier to read.

    I've had a few readers,
    here and there,
    who've sworn,
    that my free verse makes my words
    nearly impossible to read;
    so my tactic doesn't work for everyone,

    But my highly finicky,
    and not afraid to bitch without mercy
    swears that I'm absolutely correct,
    at least for her;
    my free verse makes it much easier for her
    to follow
    my train of thought.

    I've gone as far as suggesting,
    once or twice,
    what I'm about to suggest to you:

    I feel that gradually,
    everyone writing on the internet,
    words not intended
    for printing on dead trees,
    all this on-screen-only writing,
    should be done
    in free verse.

    Let me give you an example
    of your own words
    broken up
    and made easier to follow:

    The need for
    home and community-based supports
    for individuals with disabilities
    and those who are aging or ill
    is greater than is truly known
    and greater than what is officially documented.
    (Because of those underserved
    or who have not applied
    or those being cared for
    by family members)

    nothing will change or improve
    until each state stops
    kicking that can down the road.

    Which means:
    Sufficient ongoing funding
    (at the state level)
    Strategic ongoing planning
    (at the state level)

    • In order to build
    optimal community capacity,
    we need  
    strategic, multi-year programs
    and funding plans
    to develop
    the home and community-based
    that will cross disability populations,
    and enable people to age in place
    with personal supports,
    accessible housing and transportation,
    specialized equipment and services.

    • AND
    there needs to be

    See what I mean?

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