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    •  That's sad that you hide behind that... (3+ / 0-)

      in an otherwise good piece.

      Apple, more than most of the non-featured companies you didn't put in the title of your diary, is a good corporate citizen, caring about things like manufacturing, merchandizing and recycling pollution control, as much as a company in the current global capital markets can push things, and then, sometimes more.

      You could, at least, be more honest in the body of the piece and talk about what Apple is doing as a market leader in design, recycling, and lobbying Foxconn as one of it's biggest customers to improve conditions there, or talk about how Apple resisted moving manufacturing off-shore as long as it could, like the NYT or posters above did.

      I'm not saying that Apple is perfect, no one is. I'm not saying that Apple, as well as the other, barely mentioned, customers of Foxconn shouldn't push harder to clean up Foxconn, they should. I'm not even saying that you didn't present a piece that points out how small decisions that people make every day effect people around the world (and that's a good, important thing), you did. I'm just saying that you took a cheap shot in doing so, and justified it several places in your comments, including the one I've attached my screed to, rather than in the body of the diary, and that's not right.

      •  Nothing we say here will likely do any harm to the (0+ / 0-)

        Apple bottom line.  In fact, a change on their part could increase their profits by making them the first of the tech companies to convert and bring jobs (GOOD JOBS) back home.

        I do not buy the, "... we don't have the talent in the USA."  That is complete BS.

        •  I agree, although I was commenting more on... (0+ / 0-)

          Apple's relative culpability, and thought that the diarist took a cheap way out in getting his piece read.

          If this situation's going to change, it's going to need to be people driven, but, I expect that Apple will at least be leaning in to the Global solution, if not leading as much as anyone would like.

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