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View Diary: Chris Dodd threatens politicans who aren't corrupt enough to stay bought. (193 comments)

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  •  China is the big fat panda in the room no one (4+ / 0-)

    seems to want to talk about in the media. Can't upset China, they hold our debt. Or to put it another way, they're holding our 'nads' in one hand while they feed us the opium of cheap goods with the other.

    I can go on to describe how I think the abusive counterfeiting fits in to that mix, but I'll leave that up to the reader's imagination.

    But, no, I don't think censoring the internet is the solution or even part of it.

    •  Yup! (1+ / 0-)
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      Truth in what you say about the "big fat panda" in the room but when the problem is so wide spread there... and so well documented by their own studies... congress's actions/inactions leave them open to suspicion.

      Corporate lobbyist for those manufacturer's bribe our congressional reps with big donations to insure their unrestricted ability to off-shore jobs and then howl like stuck pigs over IPR violations by the same country.

      Mind you... China is not the only offender, but it is the largest nation where these operations are going on. They are moving towards compliance of the treaties they signed but as usual... in small token steps that hardly address the problem.

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