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  •  It began with Palin but we are also witnessing (6+ / 0-)

    Right wing voters being willing to show themselves for who they are.  I guess they feel as if their hidden shame is safe to reveal.  They have been convinced that coming out of the shadows is okay by the Murdock and Limbaugh types creating a self reinforcing bubble.

    They will be judged by their peers in the harshest way imaginable and by history as well.  Their collective mind blindness will coax them out to cause revulsion in the rest of us.

    When public officials openly call for the President's demise, when crowds at public functions cheer to "string up" the black President, increase executions, let people die if they don't have insurance, take away reproductive rights of women, do away with collective bargaining, they are so blinded by what they are listening to they no longer know the rest of the country exists.

    Not speaking out against this is going to come back to haunt many public officials.  Think about the Catholic church and how it felt to so many that the leaders did nothing to protect or to speak out when abusers were identified.  It will work the same way with the unveiling of all this hatred and abuse among the Right.

    They are busy vilifying, not realizing that others are identifying them with everything that is wrong in the world.  It will be a wake up call.

    I am not surprised GOP elected officials are leaving their offices (retiring) because they don't want to ultimately be associated with this.

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