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View Diary: SC Primary Afterthoughts and Florida (324 comments)

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  •  Still leads the delegate count though (1+ / 0-)
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    Boston Globe's Delegate Tracker, as of this morning:
    Romney 33
    Gingrich 25
    Santorum 14
    Paul       4
    Huntsman 2
    Perry      2

    2 SCs still to be allocated, as far as I can see -- probably waiting for that last county to come in.

    •  Romney most likely won 2 delegates from 1st CD (0+ / 0-)

      The issue with the last two delegates are that results were reported by county and not by congressional district which is what determines the delegates awarded.  The winners of each of the 7 (new) congressional districts get 2 delegates.  Romney clearly lost most of them since he only won 2 counties, but those 2 counties he won (Beaufort and Charleston) together align pretty closely to the new 1st congressional district.  So it seems likely that Romney won that CD and therefore 2 delegates.  

      The other thing to note is that delegate count above includes the Republican equivalent of the superdelegate.  In particular they're counting  14 of those for Romney.  Those delegates could easily change their mind if it looks like Romney is not so electable.

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