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View Diary: Wall Street Fraternity Mocks OWS and Laughs About Job Creation (146 comments)

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  •  This is nothing new. (5+ / 0-)

    And it's never going to change.  I saw first hand the cruelty of Wall Streeters when I worked on the trading floor.  Back then they didn't care about anything or anyone unless it could be used to enrich themselves, same as now.  I could tell you stories of the nastiness I had the misfortune to witness.  It does something to your soul, man, chasing after money 24/7.  I'd rather do what I'm doing now (taking care of the elderly) than go back to that hell.  

    •  Your right (4+ / 0-)

      it is nothing new, but I still have some hope that it can be changed.  Throughout history this kind of behavior has destroyed and ruined many societies and every time the only way it has been stopped is to fight against it.  I've seen the bad behavior as well, and these people do become soulless and corrupt all for the purpose of have more money than anyone else.  

      For far too long we have gone along to get along and adjusted to all the changes put upon us.  But, something has to change because people are cornered and the system is not sustainable for the majority of people and that is usually when it all breaks down and people begin to fight against it.

      We've always had those with more power and money, but they didn't control everything.  But, now they have grown into to such a powerhouse that we can't even live a quiet simple life which many of us would really like to have without being fearful of homelessness and bankruptcy.  

      They can have their wealth as long as they earn it honestly and stop stealing it from the 99% and the rest of world.  They have become a huge weight on the shoulders of the rest of world and it is time we shrugged them off.

      "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolution­ary act. " George Orwell

      by zaka1 on Sun Jan 22, 2012 at 06:01:05 PM PST

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