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    I've worked alot of them.  The idea is to build to a critical mass.  

    1) Laying the ground floor is what is happening now.  Activating the base.  Sending out messaging to the general populace to see what sticks, what doesn't.

    2) Fundraising is always always ongoing.  That never takes a break.

    3) Analysts may be needed to start looking at the states -- county by county -- where are the strengths and weaknesses.  You never know what area can turn in your favor and make or break a state.  And vice versa, what area you are taking for granted and may be slip sliding away.

    4) Opening up the messaging and communication channels -- internet, traditional, community organizations, all will start becoming more important.

    5) As momentum builds, coordinating larger and larger events will take place next.  Coordinating a larger media presense as well.

    6) And then it's GOTV and all bets are off.

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