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  •  Fukushima Daiichi (1+ / 0-)
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    and Fukushima Daiini (you heard about its containment breach, didn't you?) are all the reasons any nation needs to shut down every single GE Mark I & II reactor still running.

    But of course, we here in the 'Cradle of Nuclear Non-Civilization' won't do any such thing. In fact, I think the NRC's just about done re-licensing them all for another 20 years past design basis sans any retrofits at all, and last I checked NRC's own TATF recommendations based on what is known about Fukushima have - as usual - been tabled for the duration.

    And sure enough, when one or more of 'em melt like ice cream in the sun and blow sky high we'll be treated to - the usual - "Who Could Have Foreseen?" [TM]

    The learning curve on all things nuclear is terminally shallow enough to be positively negative.

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