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View Diary: Martin Bashir of MSNBC vs Joe Walsh (R Ill) Bashir Hits It Out Of The Ballpark (150 comments)

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  •  I have not heard an alternative etymology (4+ / 0-)

    Dictionaries either do not give an etymology, or claim the word was derived from "Welsh" in the mid 1800s. In any case I wasn't taking offense, just using that as a lead-in to suggesting we change the term to "to Walsh."

    Funny thing though how words can be insults without us really knowing, for instance, most people don't know that "to gyp" is an insult against the Romani, otherwise known as gypsies.

    Huh. I suggest we change that term, too. I suggest that when we wish to convey the idea that someone doesn't pay their fair share (like a 13% tax on a multi-million income) we say they have "Romneyed" someone.

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