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View Diary: Of First Cars and First Loves: Sorry, Nan, this Diary is About my '69 Beetle (114 comments)

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  •  Blame it on front-wheel drive design. (0+ / 0-)

    With the engine running transversely in the engine compartment, access to the accessory train is extremely limited and often requires removing the right front wheel and fender lining to have access to those components.

    Also, the modern engine management depends heavily on black-box modules and a multitude of sensors that must all work together.  They are very expensive to replace.  No more distributors or points to adjust.

    While difficult, there are some cars today that can be worked on and while more complex, a lot of guidance is available on various on-line forums where lots of clever home mechanics share tips.  You must know how to access the OBD (on-board-diagnostics) port with a code reader to have a chance at repairing engine related problems.

    The price to have clean air.

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