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  •  Damn right! (9+ / 0-)

    Electing MORE and BETTER Democrats means voting for Democrats.

    That takes care of the MORE.  

    Just doing that means the GOP is denied the power they need to do the damage they do.  Just doing that is progress, plain and simple.  

    It avoids regression.  Regression is expensive.  Regression is harmful to people.  Sometimes people even die at the hands of regressives, who would deny them basic things in a nation wealthy enough to have no excuse, but for the mind-share we gave them by not voting.

    I am a liberal and a progressive.  I am more progressive than anything else, but I'll take liberal, even moderate / centrist over regression, because REGRESSION HURTS.

    Regression can shorten lives, devalue futures, and devalue people.

    Not OK.

    That right there is a reason to make damn sure we never, ever let the GOP have a seat we can keep them out of.  


    My party isn't perfect.  In fact, my party is divided.  There are progressive Democrats and ordinary Democrats.

    On social issues, we have a working majority in Congress, consisting of nearly all Democrats, and a fair number of Republicans.  We see steady progress on social issues because our party unity resonates with the people.

    On economic issues, we do not have a working majority in Congress.  Progressive Democrats are well aligned with the people.  Ordinary Democrats aren't.  They are better than the hard line regressive GOP, good for blunting the damage, and or keeping the rate of regression lower than it would be without them

    , but

    they are not any good for economic progress.

    The GOP has as much economic unity as we do social unity.

    See the pattern here?

    They see more wins on economic issues, despite their policy preferences not being well aligned with the people, because Democrats are divided, which makes them weak, impotent.

    We need MORE Democrats, Progressive or not, so that we Democrats control the agenda.  This maximizes the potential for economic progress, keeping regression at the lowest rate possible.

    We need BETTER Democrats, Progressives, so that we can see the party unified around economic policy that is in good alignment with the people.

    Interestingly, if we fail on MORE Democrats, the Progressive ones we do keep in office, are rendered impotent, because the GOP can set the agenda, escalating regression!

    Both must happen, or we lose.

    If we flip this around, Republicans face a similar problem on social issues!  They need MORE and BETTER Republicans, and worse, THEY UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS!

    We don't.

    Now, they are struggling this time over purity issues and look at the damage it's causing!  Laughable isn't it?

    I think so, and that's good for us right?


    We fucked it up in the mid-terms.  We forgot how important MORE Democrats is, focusing on BETTER Democrats, resulting in LESS Democrats, LESS control.

    Look at the damage they've done!  The GOP has just hammered us, our ability to vote, labor, women, you name it, and that's just the House!  

    Now it's all ugly.  They are fixated on purity, divided on some key things, with all those rabid hard liners in there, forcing some very ugly politics, unable to actually govern unless it's all their way.

    It will cost them.  It will cost them just like it did us at the mid-terms.

    Imagine the last two years with the House under Democratic control, Pelosi as speaker.  Wouldn't that have been great compared to the shit we've seen?

    I think so, and there is your MORE Democrats right there.

    MORE Democrats no matter what.  Then we focus on BETTER.

    We can do that in a few ways.  

    1.  Primary challenges where it makes sense.  Rather than fuck it all up, allowing the GOP to gain power, we target a few and be very public about who and why.  When we win, the rest of them see the impact of that, and Progressive economic policy gains strength within the party.

    2.  Feedback.  Say we've got a regressive one.  They do well on social issues, but are basically regressive on economic policy.  Let's start telling people why that sucks, do it in their district, run the ADS, setup a progressive challenger and fund raise on every shitty vote.

    Force them to campaign the entire time they have the seat!  Have the challenger in front of people the whole time they are in the seat, acting as watch dog, messaging as to the better policy, holding events, etc...

    This will be VERY EXPENSIVE for that non-Progressive Democrat, keep voters engaged, and increase Progressive mindshare, with the potential of that wayward Democrat making better votes to avoid that expensive shit.

    3.  Post up lots of up-and coming Democrats.  New blood, starting local running for every office possible, all the time.  We get our next stars that way, just like the GOP understands and has been doing.

    No matter what our personal views are, we are Democrats.  That comes with some basic expectations and obligations.  The expectation is we see policy aligned with ordinary people.  The obligation is that we empower the party to get that done.

    It is too expensive to allow the GOP control.  We spend all our time fighting off regression and aggression instead of improving our own party.  

    Finally, we do Obama a disservice!  When we deny him party alignment in Congress, we don't have his back!

    He needs us.  He's not a king.

    The Congress before the mid-terms sucked ass, no doubt.  Most of the agenda was passed by the House, with Speaker Pelosi doing a fine job, only to see it denied in the Senate.

    Wouldn't it have been much better to GOTV, keep the house, and run challengers to a few key Senators?  Wouldn't it be great to see Pelosi KEEP PASSING the agenda, while a Senator or two gets replaced for not holding the party line?

    Did we really have to put Wisconsin and other states through the hell they've been through?

    Hell no we didn't!  

    Doing it was selfish, and a purity fight that ended up costing our brothers and sisters a lot.  They paid dear for what?

    I'm voting the party.  Not fucking around on this.  The GOP is toxic as hell.  Never good at all.  Always to be denied.  I may have to hold my nose on a few Dems.  Fine.  Dealing with them in a party majority is a better deal than beating back waves of GOP damage.  Give me that fight any day.

    If we are consistently engaged, our party keeps control.  From there, we take the steps to put Progressives in more seats, take the party when we can and get some serious change.

    Doing this will take a SUSTAINED CIVIC EFFORT.  It's not a one shot thing.  Ask the religious right about what that takes.  They know.  They've done it over decades.

    We can do this.  We can put liberal causes first, find our common ground, which is basically not allowing regressive's enough power to do harm, keep our party in control, and work through our differences over time.

    To me, that's the big lesson of the mid-terms.  We didn't get all that we wanted when we wanted it, and too many of us checked out.  Now we've got the dual task of taking back the power grab the tea-baggers did, AND reforming our party to have more economic unity.

    MORE Democrats always.  BETTER Democrats as we can without empowering the GOP.  That's where I'm at.  Lesson learned.  I got the memo.  Just look at the mess!

    So many people harmed in so many ways.  These GOP asses are just toxic.  Just say NO, and that often means "YES" to a crappy Democrat.  

    Just remember, a crappy Democrat may be disappointing.  We may see LESS progress because of them, but we won't see outright REGRESSION.

    If the GOP gets power, they use it.  They don't care, they break rules, they abuse, they lie, they cheat, they steal, and they don't give a flying fuck about anybody else.

    They are worse.  Always.  

    ***Be Excellent To One Another***

    by potatohead on Sat Jan 28, 2012 at 11:07:48 PM PST

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