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  •  I spent most of my (10+ / 0-)

    career -- it's not my first career, so was been about 8 years -- in pre-k, and then was moved to a JH out of spite. I am getting the last laugh, as I love it here. I have other assignments which is why I'm out of that age group some of my time.

    One of the site supervisors I had, whom I loved, was like you: When she first came in, she sized up where she needed to make changes and where she needed to support what was already happening, and that's where she spent her energy. Our dept. -- our kids -- really thrived under her leadership.

    We've had a rough few years with crummy management. They took a good look at my site supervisor, decided she was way too competent, and promptly got rid of her. Other good people, too.

    This is the second work situation I've been in where a team of talented, hard-working people created something effective and wonderful only to have it knocked down in an incredibly short period of time by people with agendas other than the stated mission.

    Now we are in a period of flux and I am trying to be hopeful we can find the people to help us move forward and repair some of the damage. There are relationships that may be beyond repair. When the hammer comes down is when you sometimes see things you would have preferred not to in the people you are close to, including at work.

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