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  •  in a way (9+ / 0-)

    one or the most amazing diaries I've ever read here. enthusiastically rec'd.

    I think for a number of those policies and trust-like entities you've mentioned, you don't pay taxes on any of them until they get cashed out. but if you have another calculated to approximate that cost already in place, as you seem to describe, then it just doesn't matter. amazing.

    I've been reading Lisa Delpit's Other People's Children this eve/morn, it's about education and cultural barriers to proper transmission of information from teacher to student, largely, and the failure of reform model after reform model to deal with black and native American students.

    she talks a lot about how teachers need to transmit the "codes of power" to students who are excluded from the realms of wielding any kind of power in our culture/society, and just the general social duty of white folks, especially empowered and privileged white folks, to disseminate exactly the kind of information you've presented about your life here in this diary. it's not exactly the same thing, but it's an important contribution here, given your record as a diarist and commenter over the years. bravo!

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