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    Went on a cruise a couple of years ago and met a couple who travel all year (with the exception of a couple of months they spend close to her folks in Arkansas).  They get good deals on things like transatlantic cruises (I think they spent $400-450 each for a 10-day trip from FL to Lisbon, Portugal), which include food and entertainment.  Their budget is $200/day for the year, so that's like $75,000 for the year -- the cruise saved them money that they spend when they stay somewhere like Paris, where $200/day isn't really enough.  :-)  

    Most of their large-scale travel is by cruise-ship.  Once you've reached a certain level of "frequent traveler", you get freebies on your trips, too, like they'll do your laundry, give you free Internet time, or give you $100 to spend onboard, etc.  It's often cheaper than flying, and includes food and entertainment.  If you have the time and can plan appropriately, really pretty reasonable, if you think about it.  

    They are retired (early -- he was around 60 and she was late fifties) -- cop and teacher, so they had good pensions.  My husband and I thought it sounded like great fun, but I'm not sure I could travel all year.  :-)   I wouldn't mind trying, to see...  

    I'd much rather be a champion of the powerless than a lickspittle of the powerful. -- Rodney Ellis, Texas State Senate (D)

    by Jill on Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 10:22:20 AM PST

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