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  •  Pacific Free Trade Agreement meeting in Bev Hills (1+ / 0-)
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    Crazy like a fox

    I just heard Michael Cavanaugh speak on the radio about a meeting taking place in Bevely Hills about the Pacific Free Trade Agreement.  Obama has trade representatives present and I think I heard there were 8 other countries represented.  Needless to say they are trying to keep it quiet so they can pass it before the people rise up.    I heard there were no public events and that one meeting took place in the Fox Studios.  It is bigger than NAFTA.  Big pharma is making a big push here to extend their patents for many years because some countries do not permit patent extensions.  U. S. labor should be concerned about these policies.  It is a big meeting of global oligarchs.  It is a mixed group of countries chosen largely on their complicity to U.S. Policies and the feeling that the U. S. connects with the leaders.  There will be a protest but I could not get all the names and places.

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