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View Diary: Romney-hating FReepers in a world of butthurt. (363 comments)

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  •  Romney is a win-win...for Democrats. (9+ / 0-)

    Diary points out one of the big wins that Romney provides to Democrats. Romney is hated almost as much as Obama by the activist right wing GOP base.  Even if Romney takes on RedState's favorite son, Santorum, as VP candidate, the religious right wing GOP'ers will still hate Romney.  Nobody depresses the right wing GOP base like Romney.

    The second big win is that Obama modeled Obamacare on Romneycare.  Obama can just hug Romney in the general election and be bipartisan as all get out.  "Governor Romney, the LIBERAL Republican governor of Massachusetts, and I agree on health care reform and I modeled my Obamacare on Ronneycare".  This will send the evangelicals fleeing to seek sanctuary at the alter and away from the ballot box   It also points up Romney's dishonesty in saying he would kill Obamacare but not its twin Romneycare.  Kind of a "hold your enemies closer" strategy.

    I guess Romney is a win-win-win as a he is the epitome of Wall St bangster and even the Tea Party hyperactives hate Wall St. A vote AGAINST Romney is a vote against Wall St.

    And heaven forbid, Romney wins (Obama has similar issues with Democratic activist base) Romney is...well...a moderate GOP candidate who gave us the model for Obama care...he is the most least ideological and most pragmatic of the GOP candidates...the least evil of the GOP witches brew.

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