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    and I note a very passive tone of contempt in that letter. The issue is not one of process, it's about ideology, pure and simple. There is no link, and there should never be a link, between reproductive health issues and breast cancer research issues. The letter pretends that the organization owes no explanation for the radical shift of emphasis. I hope there will be many rounds of resignations and condemnations. But with the hundreds of millions of dollars they are able to raise, it's not likely.

    Breast cancer research policies should be completely apolitical. But that's not good enough for Dominionist fundamentalist, whose nihilism seeks to destroy whatever territory they seek to wrest from others. The foetus fetishists won't rest until all 2000 channels are All Abortion All The Time. And god forbid what they would set their sights on if they were ever able to realize their mission of criminalizing abortion.

    To those who criticized the efforts of pro-choice advocates here and elsewhere for being "single issue" voters: this is what happens when you let sleeping dogs lie. Eventually the regressive forces, who will always be better funded, will assimilate institution after institution. I hope the Komen Foundation withdraws all funding for stem cell research, and the cure is found in China or India or Finland. Then when people complain about all the cancer-stricken women SBKF sold down the river, they can defend themselves by saying it was "God's will." Fuckers.

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