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  •  "stringent eligibility" is key (7+ / 0-)
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    According to this diary (, the Cliff Stearns inquiry became a reason for the Komen national office to change what state affiliates could do with their funds. Komen's board recently approved a new policy stating that affliates can only provide grant funds to other organizations if:

    • The applicant is not currently debarred from the receipt of federal or state funding.

    • No key personnel of applicant or any of its affiliates has been  convicted of fraud or a crime involving any other financial or  administrative impropriety within the last year.

    • The applicant or any of its affiliates is not currently under a local,  state or federal formal investigation for financial or administrative  impropriety or fraud. ("Affiliate" means any entities that control, are  controlled by, or are under the same control as applicant or independent  entities operating under the same name or brand as applicant.)

    A policy such as this means that if one Republican member of Congress calls for an investigation that the organization becomes ineligible!!! It requires no finding of guilt, just an investigation. That is an absurd policy, created specifically to ensure that Planned Parenthood was defunded under the guise of being "objective." The intent of the policy is clear, even if the Board members who voted for it did not recognize it for what it was....

    •  They need to backtrack fast.n/t (0+ / 0-)
      •  No, they need to die (0+ / 0-)

        The lesson of what happens to "womens' organizations" that betray women is worth teaching. There are many other organizations where a dollar donated to advance the health of women will be spent for that purpose.

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        by alizard on Wed Feb 01, 2012 at 07:44:29 PM PST

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        •  They need to learn, not die. (0+ / 0-)

          They made a mistake and need to be forgiven for their mistake.  If you mean that dollars that would have been donated to Komen are now going to other organizations, including PP, then I think that is the appropriate punishment.  If you mean less influential, that too is an appropriate punishment.  But not death. If they do not correct their wrongdoing in a timely fashion I think all of the good they did will have been wasted and they will become a very marginal organization that will no longer be trusted.  

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