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View Diary: Bwahahahahahaha! American Airlines and Bain Capital. (282 comments)

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    So a company that Mitt hasn't worked for in almost 30 years was hired by a company already in bankruptcy, and already planning on firing 15,000 people, and some here think that this could be a political winner for us.

    We are winning because slowly but surely the American people are seeing that everything they've been told by Republicans are lies. And to think that some believe that we should follow the same strategy...

    •  We are winning slowly because (0+ / 0-)

      everything the Republicans say are lies.

       We don't have to lie about this. Romney to this very day is collecting millions every year from his ownership shares of the company he founded and led. That he "left" it a decade ago is completely irrelevant to the fact that THIS is the business style HE developed and became unimaginably wealthy from.

      Stop clutching your purity perals Doc. The coprporatists declared war on everyone not them a long time ago.

      His own campaign manager took a quote of Obama quoting a McCain aide! and deceptively pretended it was from Obama. When called on it, he gloated about it.

      This is politics today. If it offends you, it's a problem YOU will have to deal with. The point of this thread is that Romney DOES have deep connections with BOTH Bains and with the business practices that have demolished the middle class.

      The only "moral" choice is to fight back. Making him explain how it really isn't him is the very least we should do to make him lose!

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